Sunday, 3 March 2013


Before talking about ROUTEMARKS, let me tell you why a social app. Social apps have great impact on people. It is a platform to share your feelings, ideas, highlight your skills etc. There are tons of new apps getting released everyday. Some are getting audience and some are left unnoticed. I think, a social app will get hits only if it has an element of entertainment in it. Just like people are aware of their rights and give least important to their duties, many of the social apps just focus on getting maximum audience .When social networking sites became popular, sites having content of entertainment got more audience. Unfortunately, websites or apps that brought out serious, social relevant and genuine topics are left unnoticed. ROUTEMARKS falls in the latter. But I am optimistic. :)

Let me introduce you ROUTEMARKS (, a free good will social app. ROUTEMARKS helps its users to get to know more about their routes before starting their journey. By searching for routes, red marks will be displayed over the route which denote accident locations or natural disaster affected area. The marks can be created by any user. There is also a community page where all the marks created in a particular location will be displayed. User can login using any of their favorite service provider (facebook, twitter and google).

ROUTEMARKS has several other features too. ROUTEMARKS is also available on android ( Actually I started working on this project to take part in Google developer challenge. But unfortunately I could not submit it. This app will be useful, only if people start marking here. But it would be difficult as there is no piece of entertainment. Anyway I welcome all different souls. 

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