Monday, 28 October 2013

How to create an IPA file for distribution?

The process is fairly simple. But for newcomers it may it confusing. Lets consider Company A has subscribed to iOS developer program and Developer1 wants to create an .ipa file from his MacBook.

Steps to follow.

  1. CompanyA's "iOS developer team administrator" has to invite Developer1 ( ) to its team account
  2. Developer1 has to accept the invitation and request for developer certificate (create .csr using keychain and upload the same in developer portal)
  3. CompanyA's "iOS developer team administrator" has to approve the certificate request
  4. Developer1 has to download the certificate and add to keychain
  5. CompanyA's "iOS developer team administrator" has to create/update provisioning profile (development/distribution) using newly created certificate
  6. Developer1 has to download the provisioning profile or sync XCode using organizer to get the provisioning profile
  7. Developer1 has to sign the project using provisioning profile and create ipa file

Provisioning profiles

There are 2 kinds of provisioning profile.  Development and Distribution. 

A development profile can be used in the development stage. But in such a case, all the required devices has to registered earlier in the developer portal. That is the UDID of the targeted device have to be added to the devices list unlike the .apk file can be installed in any device.

But if you want to distribute your application to many people, lets say an enterprise application has to be available in an internal iTunes store for beta testing, you may have to use Distribution provisioning profile. A distribution profile which will be associated with a distribution certificate. You can download the same from certificates->production of developer portal.
for details you can visit apple developer site.

Happy packaging!

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