Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nokia maps (drive) in Bangalore

"Make a U-turn and drive to nearest road"!

I still remember a few articles that I've read a long time back which were praising Nokia maps over Google maps. That was one of the reason for me to purchase a new Nokia 625 by exchanging my old Samsung ace besides its attractive panel color. But now whenever I am caught up in a traffic signal, I curse my decision.

I am new to this Bengaluru city. Before buying new phone I was depending on the Google maps in my android phone so badly that I never looked at the phone while driving; just because of the fact that its voice navigation was excellent. Except a very few occasions I was never betrayed by the Google. But within one week after purchase, Nokia has wasted my several hours by pushing me into the longest routes. Let me list out a few issues that I have noticed with Nokia maps.

1. Re-routing is so slow. If you have missed a particular turn, you will get enough time to curse yourself and feel sorry for the wrong decision that you made until new route is displayed on the phone. In between you can see that Nokia maps is finding it very difficult to understand where exactly you are. I think Nokia has to upgrade or improve its GPS receiver.
2. Nokia maps helps you to avoid accidents. Don't jump into the conclusion that it is integrated with RouteMarks, the best road safety management application. They have not yet approached the author for the same. But they are reducing accidents by restricting your speed. Nokia maps navigator is well behind you while you are driving. If you drive slowly, everything seems to be well and good.  Thus accidents are avoided. Transport commissioners of all states can recommend this phone.
3. The worst part is the voice navigation. It is pretty confused between 'turn left' and 'keep left'. As a result you may end upon taking a flyover that you should have never taken. If you are driving alone, Nokia maps will be a good companion. You will never get bored as you have to be very cautious in every move. You can also find yourself shouting at the phone every now and then.

It would be unfair if I do not talk about the better side. Nokia maps can be downloaded in your phone and it can be used even if the connectivity is lost. Internet browsing and emails work perfectly in Nokia Lumia(625). Panels are available in different vibrant colors too. I really like the orange colored panel. And after all using Windows Phone 8 would be a guaranteed refreshing experience.

If you are fed up with Android and looking for a change, Windows Phone especially Nokia Lumia series would be a good choice iff you do not need any travel assistance. Keep in mind that many apps are unavailable in Windows store including Google map with directions.

Happy journey!

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  1. Interesting. I haven't been able to use the maps yet, with my Nokia Lumia, nor have I seriously tried. But like you said, the overall user experience with the windows phone is quite refreshing.