Wednesday, 18 December 2013

ARIA TEMPLATES - An introduction


Last few days I was playing around a relatively unknown JavaScript application framework called ARIA TEMPLATES aka AT. Not sure who all are using these framework to build web applications, but still it is worth giving a try if you are looking for a template engine built on MVC pattern. AT also provides a router/navigation mechanism across views in a single page application. Continue reading if you are still interested! ;)

Why another templating framework?

There is no proper answer to this question. There are many templating frameworks available in market; even you can create a template pattern with 30 to 40 lines of JavaScript code. AT is under active development and new features are getting added in every release. It is capable of competing with any other templating framework available today. After all learning a new framework is a piece of cake for many JavaScript developers.

A powerful MVC pattern - err.. its your call

AT has tried its best to adapt the entire framework in the context of MVC. The templates are considered as views and module controllers will be assuming the post of a controller. Templates work on a data object which is model. But the major difference between other MVC libraries and AT is that, it is not enforcing MVC pattern. Developers are free to write nasty code to get the things ready. Also the templates are not freed from HTML markups. Some may find it weird as new libraries are trying to abstract the HTML markup.

Page navigation 

AT has a powerful mechanism for navigation called PageEngine. Navigating to different views can be easily done using PageEngine. Two different ways of navigation are supported; Hash based and History based. Hash mechanism only stores URL for each page where as History mechanism stores metadata as well. The latter uses HTML5 History API to implement the same. PageDefinitions are required for each view to define layout and reference to controllers. Data binding, pre-loading of dependencies are other features of PageEngine.

Widgets  - limited collection

If you are looking for a library where a good number of feature rich components are available to aid you in the app development, AT will disappoint you. AT has got only a few collection of basic HTML widgets and you may have to create a custom widget if the requirement demands. But creating a custom component is not so complex in AT.

AT in mobile

There are many frameworks available nowadays which help you to create a mobile web app. AT is no different from others. But it lacks many must-have features. First and foremost is lack of responsive design. None of the AT widgets are responsive. This gives you an overhead of working with CSS3 media queries. AT does not provide a separate light version for mobile. 


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