Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Test automation of mobile applications


Last few days I was working on mobile application testing. I evaluated a couple of tools and I want to share my observation here.

If you want to jump into testing of Android / iOS, you can visit following links.

Android testing using Appium
iOS testing using Appium

Setting Context

The application that I want to perform automation testing is hybrid. I have written test cases for it's web version.

Tools evaluated

1. MonkeyTalk

MonkeyTalk is one of the popular mobile automation tool available in market. A few key points are listed below.
  • Is uses keyword / data driven approach
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Write testscripts using JavaScript
  • Takes screenshots during the test execution
  • Platform specific agent has to be added during compilation phase
  • Separate packaging is required for deployment
Apart from these I can't reuse the testscripts written for Web version.

2. Selenium Driver for Android/iOS

Supports only platform specific browsers; hence not meeting my basic requirement of native(hybrid) application testing.

3. Selendroid

It is an excellent tool for Android application and mobile web testing. More details can be found here.

4. Appium

This is one of the hottest tool available in market, currently under active development. It is based on Selenium's JSON Wire Protocol. That means your test script will act as a client which sends RESTful requests to server and server talks to the target; where the target can be any browser, Android device/emulator or iOS device/simulator. A few key points are listed below.
  • Can reuse selenium scripts written for web application
  • Supports browsers, Android and iPhone devices and simulators
  • Client libraries are available for Java/Ruby/JavaScript/PHP/C#/Python
  • No compile time modifications required
  • Can test release applications


As it is very evident from the comparison, I recommend Appium. I was able to create prototypes for Android and iOS. Before starting of testscript execution, environment setup has to be done for each platform which I will cover in my next blogs for Android and iOS.


If you choose Appium over MonkeyTalk, you will get following benefits.
  • Saves money. No license required
  • Saves time and resource. Reuse your existing test scripts
  • Easy maintenance: single test script for all platforms



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